Malaysian School's Anti-Palm Oil Performance.  The Malaysian government doesn't want you to see this. Please share it far and wide.

These kids bless 'em have given the cause for the rainforests a truly massive boost and the politicians themselves have not done so bad.  

Humiliation is a most powerful weapon against governments and they we can be very sure have been deeply humiliated.


Norway whaling season begins.  Please write your letters of protest to:



BBC., Climate Change - The Facts.  Our own take on things.  The revamped version!

A blueprint on how we might save the planet!!!


Animals In Yemen Zoo Are Dying Of Starvation - Pitiful scenes of a Lion.


Various Government 'Conservation' Bodies - Departments run by thugs with Gove as the go to man!


Antioxidants In Your Pet Food - The Facts.  In Memory Of Polly.

Michael Gove Approves The Largest Destruction Of A Protected Species In Living Memory.  Please write to:


Also write to. 


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Jan 20 Report. 


Dec 19 Report.


Nov 19 Report.


Oct 19 Report.

Sept 19 Report.


Aug 19 Report.


Backdated Issues.






Conservationists Sidestepping The Issues - Going Along With Whatever Farmers And Governments Want.

*** DEFRA EXTRA - An in depth look at what's happening in the countryside.

*** Case Against The RSPB.  Go for that walk in the wider countryside and you will find empty skies and eerily silent trees.  It's a sobering thought too that anything you are seeing is probably something that hasn't been killed yet.


*** The RSPB., as with so many other damaging issues, does not rule out GM and other biotechnologies as part of the solution                


What Patrick Moore Had To Say About Glyphosate.               



GMOs. And US. Politics.


USDA Organic - Organic in name only!



A Video On Pesticides.



Pesticides - Additional reading. 


1.  Shockingly High Levels Of Weedkiller Found In Four Popular Breakfast Cereals Marketed For British Children.


2.  HSE And Spain Collusion On Bringing Back Chlorpyrifos.


3.  The UK Media is silent about the Corporation that collaborated with the Nazis in Auschwitz.


4.  Will Brexit Britain be brought before the International Criminal Court and charged with crimes against humanity?


5.  Why do the experts on Science Advice for Policy by European Academies fight for higher pesticide exposure?


6.  European Chemicals Agency classifies glyphosate as a substance that causes serious eye damage.


7.  Poisoned for Profit:  Whether in the UK or India - We Are Not the Agrochemical Industry’s Guinea Pigs.


*** State Of UK Birds Report 2017.


Designed, we think, as more of a distraction to what's really happening in the world.  Having trudged through the endless reams please see our shorter, more simplified and to the point version below that.


*** CATES State Of UK Birds Report 2017 - Our own summary of events.


*** BBC. Winterwatch 2018 - Somerset Levels.  How many Lapwings and waterfowl do you typically see when you walk into the countryside these days?  Not this many I can guarantee!



*** Keep Meadows Special Campaign.  A good meadow should be left strictly alone during the spring and summer but nibbled to within an inch of its life throughout the autumn and winter.  Unfortunately as we look around the various protected reserves we find a lottery of systems in place, abysmal management policies at some sites not so bad in others, but with some of our most precious species at risk this really is not good enough.



*** Various Government 'Conservation' Bodies - Departments run by thugs with Gove as the go to man!


*** A Case Against Natural Resources Wales.


Us bringing this case was always going to be a win win.  If we'd had won, it would've meant a victory for the plantlife growing in all NRW's. managed sites and if we'd lost, it would had been yet another example of an injustice we could reveal.  We all know just how things are stacked up in favour of the rich and against the less wealthy, animal welfare and wildlife issues, it's largely why we've nothing left these days, and it's results like this that demonstrate it each and every time.  You can have the best team of lawyers in the world, but claiming something wrong is right does not make it right, and legal consensus doesn't necessarily mean it's right either.


Management - If it's destroying more than it's helping it's not actually helping.


*** A Case Against Scottish Natural Heritage - Scottish Natural Heritage to cull Barnacle Geese.  Please write your letters of protest.

*** Licenced To Cull - "Natural England"



*** Endangered Species Act:  A Big Success! 


A big success?  In this American article it assumes success because 'Bald Eagles are doing so well' (but only in one or two locations would be my guess).  For me this sums up entirely the complacency that's to be found everywhere.  The fact that Eagles have done so well, is, I think, largely down to the Eagles themselves rather than anything conservationists can claim any credit for.


Just look around at what we've lost and still are losing and you can see exactly why it is I am so concerned.  The plain fact is, although there's often an acknowledgement that thing's are badly wrong, no-one is facing up to the real issues as to why conservation measures are failing so appallingly.


Even though it's blatantly obvious things are far from recovering, nothing is being looked at either from a case by case perspective nor from a broader holistic level (or at least not in any meaningful way).  Instead, as is argued here, they cite a couple of species that just happen to be doing well, and then claim everything as one resounding success.


Most conservation organisations world-wide are behind deceitful cover-ups, from properly-sited wind farms to sustainable palm oil right down to wildlife friendly trophy hunting, all of which stinks of blatant corruption.  And the RSPB. even claims herbicides are somehow beneficial to birdlife.



*** How We Might Create More Heathland.


*** Lay Off The Hedges Campaign.


*** Save The Badger Campaign.


*** Invasive Alien Species.



DEATH IN A BOX - Poison A Thrush Buy Slug Pellets!             


*** Warning Of Ecological Armageddon!


With pesticides, general land mismanagement and now finally wind farms, our wildlife is in real trouble.


What's not commonly realised the rotating turbine-blades visually draw in vast numbers of flying insects with every wind turbine acting like a vortex sucking them in and spitting them out the other side.  Each blade acts like a sweeping great gigantic fly swat, with wind energy quite probably killing higher numbers of insects than pesticides right now, and this is coming from someone who's more anti-chemical than most.


As always scientists cling onto this 'climate change' argument without even wanting to know what the real problems are.  It is also extremely easy for the authorities to quietly ignore issues they don't want to listen to with many actually favouring the very things that are causing the disaster in the first place.  Tens possibly hundreds of millions of birds killed each year together with countless zillions of flying insects.


You will not find anything about it mentioned here of course even though it's probably nearer the truth than you'll find anywhere.

Here's some further reading.  Not sure how much you can trust the data but it does prove there's an issue.



Helping Red Squirrels With Pine Martens.  Basically the nimbler and lighter Reds escape while the heavier less abled Greys get eaten.




Projects, organisations and individuals we support.


Great Crane Project.      


Great Bustard Group.       


Lynx UK Trust.     


Raft Spider Project.




Soil Association.

Pollinator Friendly Yards.

Woodland Trust.


National Hedgelaying Society.               

Save The Badger. 


United Active Badger Army.


March Against Monstanto.


Marcha mundial contra Monsanto Buenos Aires.


Combat Monsanto.

Organic Consumers Association - Millions Against Monsanto Campaign.





*** Significant key issues which are not commonly recognised.

*** Behind the logos and prioritised campaigns in block.
*** Active campaigns.
*** Practical solutions and viable alternatives.


Cont'd. on Projects II.

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