The world is corrupt beyond most people's comprehension.



Conservation, an ideal which once so proudly stood upon a moral high-ground, now seriously infiltrated by the interests of commerce and governments with its principles watered down, it is nowadays barely able to hold its head above a murky swamp


Behind the friendly and familiar looking logos, the very organisations who you'd think were on side and there to help, are often the ones who are doing their level best to take things into the wrong direction.  From the mismanagement of wildlife sites to some of the most dangerous policies imaginable we are exposing what's going on behind the scenes.  Below are some examples of this but please go through the various Projects Pages, open the links marked ***,  to get the real insight as to what's happening in the world today.


Lifting The Lid On Conservation.

Efforts which are steering the planet into oblivion!



This Is A Meadow - Here by contrast is what a protected site, in this case a triple SI. no less,

will more often look like with what's described as 'light summer grazing.'

​To find out more see Keep Meadows Special Campaign and A Case Against Natural

Resources Wales in Projects I under Farming.



Crop Sprayers – They're evil looking machines.

To find out more see DEFRA EXTRA and A Case Against The RSPB in Projects I under Farming.

Sustainable Palm Oil Or None Sustainable Palm Oil - What's the difference?

None!  It's just paper shuffling to make the world feel good about itself with the authorities more than happy to provide the industry with this thin veneer of respectability. 


To find out more see Plant Forests And Make A Fortune, Orangutans, Sustainable Palm Oil And

The Truth and What The Conservationists Don't Want You To Know in Projects II under Habitats.

Wildlife Authorities Could End Rhino Poaching Tomorrow But They Won't. 

If that happened funds would also dry up tomorrow and they don't want that. 


To find out more see RHINO FOLDER in Projects III under Species.



Sea Shepherd - The ultimate betrayal. 

To find out more see The Days Of Real Conservation in Projects III under Species and




Current Clean-Energy Policies Are Cleaning The Skies Of Its Birds. 

They don't call it clean-energy for nothing.


Two Starling Pictures - One was taken over twenty years ago the other a few years back.

See which ones they might be.

To find out more see Zero Carbons The Options in Projects IV under Green Energy.




The Built Environment.


As we look around our towns and villages we can hardly be unaware of the utter devastation

that still occurs to this day as a result of consecutive governments and local authorities

seemingly unable to get things right.


To find out more see Campaign For The Built Environment and Carmarthenshire's

Terraces in Projects IV under Architecture.



The Ark - Get the animals out and put the conservationists in where they belong.

Please go through the various Projects Pages, view in particular those articles marked with yellow asterisks, where it

explains many of the what could be planet-saving ideas and issues that are not commonly realised or understood.









Projects I  Current Reports and Farming.
Projects II  Habitats.
Projects III  Species.
Projects IV  Pollution, Green Energy, Animal Welfare, Miscellaneous and Architecture.


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